My favourite dining establishment

“For the past ten years the Benchmark Wine Bar has provided me with my favourite dining establishment in Canberra. Whether I want to wine and dine guest, catch up with friends for a drink or just have a quiet meal by myself, I will visit the Benchmark Wine Bar. The atmosphere is contemporary and inviting, the food is always fresh and exquisite prepared and the wine selection is simply superb. However, the most impressive characteristic is the friendliness and warmth of the staff.”– Geoffrey D Askew AM

‘Benchmark’ for other restuarants

“Benchmark is a ‘benchmark’ for other restuarants which is hard to beat. Always a great culinary experience with an extensive range of matching local and international wines, in a formal setting but with a relaxed social and friendly atmosphere”. “A formal restaurant with a local village cafe approach”. “My favourite restaurant – anywhere”– Neville Pearce

Everyone has a favourite feeling

“Everyone has a favourite feeling. Putting on old slippers after a long work day, meeting up with your mates in a pub or walking into Benchmark. Mine is Benchmark. The food has always been styled by fresh and often local product. I remember a special lunch with my then school aged daughter. She still talks about the experience and the squab main course 6 years later even if she did not know it was pigeon! But, being a wine nut, it is the wine list that excites me. If you want to break the piggy bank, Benchmark will oblige with some stunning bottles but equally has some well chosen and moderately priced local Canberra region, other Aussie and Euro wines that are my mainstays. They don’t have a open log fire to sit in front of to enjoy an Armagnac (hint to Tass and Kathryn) but I enjoy a small glass anyway.”– James Tinslay

Felt that we were special

“We’ve always felt that we were special – because of the way that we were treated by Tass, Kathryn and all the other people at Benchmark over the years. What we learned at the 10th anniversary party was that there are a whole lot of people who feel the same way.”– Kerry Webb

Always a cut above

“I fly from Adelaide to Canberra at 7pm, having already done a 9+ hour day before working on the laptop in the airport then on the flight, skipping the dinner service. I arrive, get in the car and call Benchmark at 9.30 to ask “Is the kitchen still open?” The answer, “Always for you, what would you like?” We talk food, and I say “I will be there in 20 minutes”. I duly arrive, having checked in at the hotel, and am welcomed like a member of the family. A glass of champagne, or whatever I request, is poured for me within seconds. Within 2 minutes my meal is presented to me. It is so delicious I want to lick the plate! More wine is at my beck and call, Kathryn and Tas come to chat…I relax, switch down and realise I am at my other ‘home’. This is Benchmark – always a cut above.”– Kathleen Stacey

Enjoy the ambiance

“Congratulations on Benchmark’s 10th Birthday. As a regular for more than half those ten years I continue to look forward to each visit. I enjoy the ambiance of Benchmark’s bar with its fine-dining option, its comprehensive range of interesting wines and its dependable food to match.”– Albert Caton