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Always a cut above

“I fly from Adelaide to Canberra at 7pm, having already done a 9+ hour day before working on the laptop in the airport then on the flight, skipping the dinner service. I arrive, get in the car and call Benchmark at 9.30 to ask “Is the kitchen still open?” The answer, “Always for you, what would you like?” We talk food, and I say “I will be there in 20 minutes”. I duly arrive, having checked in at the hotel, and am welcomed like a member of the family. A glass of champagne, or whatever I request, is poured for me within seconds. Within 2 minutes my meal is presented to me. It is so delicious I want to lick the plate! More wine is at my beck and call, Kathryn and Tas come to chat…I relax, switch down and realise I am at my other ‘home’. This is Benchmark – always a cut above.”– Kathleen Stacey